• Financing


    BTCoworking is helping you to find money for your project. Our network of investors and our partners will be happy to examine your project. Also, BTCoworking can assist you to find more customers, more partneships, more revenues.

    Every BTCoworkers become our partners. Much more than customer, you become a part of our community . Cocreation is our new paradigme. We give you access to big-company services.

    BTCoworking, the place to be.

  • Training


    BTCoworking is training you : Stress management, how to adapt the new paradigm, be more conscious, Non violent communication, more effective, Chi Gong, meditation, singing lesson, serious game, interview with business man and women and more.

    BTCoworking is training you.

    Values – Credo

    Diversity – Sharing – Solidarity

    Diversity of cultures : more than 15 nationality and cultures, working together

    All kind of company in all kind of industry : IT, Real Estate, communication, Design, etc…

    Sharing of experiences, sharing of sucess and failures, sharing of ideas, sharing of contacts, sharing of our presence.

    Solidarity because we are helping each other. A network of entrepreneurs are happy to listen to you, to help you.

    BTCoworking, the place to be.

  • We are more than a space, we are an intelligent system of co-working. We are helping our members to be successful in their business, connecting them to the best people, offering them support, creative space and fun.

    We work to give you connections, ideas, partnerships. We have understood that you are the value. We know that together, stronger we are.

    We act to develop a very effective space, bringing the best environment for our members : fun, joy, good relationship, start-up energy. We understood that the right environment can expand your business.

  • Co-creation is the future of successful enterprise. Positive environment is essential to have success. More you are surrendered with inspiring people, more you can be creative, and you can empower yourself.

    We believe that the world is changing and that more than space, relationship and a beautiful environment is essential to grow. Powerful connection make the difference, what we do is connecting experienced people with you. We also trust true relationship and physical meeting. Please come and visit us, we would enjoy to meet you.

    Sebastien Socchard , founder and CEO

  • 209 Rue de l'Universitié 75007 Paris

    Public Transport Access

  • 170 rue Raymond Losserand 75014 Paris

    Public Transport Access

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